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Once the student has been qualified to participate in Erasmus+ program at the home institution, his/her university should officially nominate his/her for an exchange period by sending a nomination by email to Mrs. Marta Marczak, the Erasmus officer ( or;; please enter as a subject: “Erasmus Nominations Erasmus_code“). The message must contain the following information: full name, sex, contact details (e-mail, optionally a phone number) and the desired mobility period. Afterwards, the Erasmus office will confirm (1) that the documents have been received, (2) the student has been accepted or not, by sending an acceptance letter. Please remember that if for any reason, the candidate doesn’t receive any letter of acceptance, if the confirmation e-mail has been previously issued, it does mean that his/her candidature has been accepted.

More information about the requirement you’ll find: 

Academic calendar is available under the following link:  Current Academic Calendar

We highly recommend each candidate to read Arrival Info-Pack for International Students (available under the following link of Center for International Cooperation) before the student undertakes any activities related to the Erasmus mobility at Warsaw University of Technology. 

Accomodation and dormitory

If you want to secure a place in a dormitory, please visit the Accommodation Commission website: (keep in mind the deadlines!). It is also very easy to arrange an accommodation by your own (please contact ESN who has a lot of contacts to different accommodation brokers). Before you arrive in Warsaw, procure your health insurance card. It is highly advised to request an Erasmus Mentor assistance: . As soon as you get the signed documents back, you are ready to start your mobility.

Accomodation dormitories

Accomodation private info

Guidebook for incoming Students

Addendum: WUT does not provide any help in finding an accommodation outside the campus.


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