Offered course units – autumn-winter semester

Incoming Students

Please find the list of course units the Faculty of Electrical Engineering offers in English. Take this list into account when you fill the Learning Agreement.

Bachelor degree courses offer

Course nameClasses hours in semesterExam or PassECTSCourse codeRunnning in semestersCourse last run
Lec.Exer. / Sem.Lab.Proj.
3D Computer Modeling30Pass21DA1615 winter and summer 2021Z
Circuits and Systems 2303030Exam81DA1312 winter 2021Z
Computer Graphics1515Pass31DA1703 winter 2021Z
Computer Science 330Pass31DA1307 winter 2021Z
Computer Simulation of Lighting30Pass21DA1715 winter and summer 2020L
Computer networks30Exam31DA1704 winter 2021Z
Control3015Exam41DA1305 winter 2021Z
Control of Converter Drives1515Exam31DA1504 winter 2021Z
Electric Power Substations30Pass31DA1712 winter 2021Z
Electric Traction1515Exam31DA1505 winter 2021Z
Electrical Apparatus – basic course3030Pass51DA1514 winter and summer 2021L
Electrical Machines in the Power Engineering and Automatization30Pass31DA1506 winter 2021Z
Electrical Machines lab45Pass41DA1507 winter 2016Z
Electrical Material Technology15Pass11DA1105 winter 2020Z
Electrical Measurements Instrumentation and Signal Transmission 145Pass41DA1309 winter 2021Z
Electrical Measurements, Instrumentation and Signal Transmission lab60Pass61DA1508 winter 2021Z
Electrical Safety30Pass31DA1701 winter 2021Z
Electro-heat engineering1530Pass41DA1655 winter 2021Z
Electromagnetic Compatibility1515Pass31DA1512 winter 2021Z
Electronics 14530Exam71DA1306 winter 2021Z
Foreign Language (SJO) 1a30Pass2DSJO1301 winter and summer 2021Z
Foreign Language (SJO) 1b30Pass2DSJO1302 winter and summer 2021Z
Foreign Language (SJO) 2a30Pass2DSJO1401 winter and summer 2021L
Foreign Language (SJO) 2b30Pass2DSJO1402 winter and summer 2021L
Foreign Language (SJO) 3a30Pass2DSJO1501 winter and summer 2021Z
Foreign Language (SJO) 3b30Pass2DSJO1502 winter and summer 2021Z
High Voltage Technology lab30Pass31DA1509 winter 2021Z
Intelligent Control for Energy Conversion1515Pass31DA1714 winter 2021Z
Introduction to Electrical Power Engineering proj30Pass31DA1702 winter 2021Z
Mathematics 16030Exam101DA1103 winter 2020Z
Microprocessor Engineering lab30Pass31DA1511 winter 2021Z
Physical Education and Sports 330Pass01DA1301 winter 2021Z
Physics 14530Exam61DA1102 winter 2020Z



Masters degree courses offer

Course nameClasses hours in semesterExam or PassECTSCourse codeRunnning in semestersCourse last run
Lec.Exer. / Sem.Lab.Proj.
Distributed Energy Sources1515Pass31DA2126 winter 2021L
Electrical Measurement of Non-Electrical Parameters1515Exam31DA2101 winter 2020Z
Electromechanical Drive Systems1530Pass41DA2102 winter 2020Z
Energy Conversions3015Pass41DA2103 winter 2020Z
Numerical Methods in Technics3015Exam41DA2104 winter 2020Z
Power Switching Technology3030Pass41DA2221 winter and summer 2021L
Power System Stability and Control1515Exam31DA2136 winter 2021Z
Probability and Mathematical Statistics3015Pass41DA2105 winter 2020Z
Selected Problems of Circuit Theory3015Exam41DA2106 winter 2020Z
Short Circuits in Power Systems30Exam31DA2107 winter 2020Z


There is no guarantee that the students will be granted 20 ECTS for an individual project. In order to make it happen, the student ought to contact a future WUT supervisor, so that they can arrange the framework of a project for which there is any chance that 20 ECTS will be granted.
In case the student will select a course at another faculty, we cannot guarantee that this course will run.
We also don’t guarantee an attendance on courses which are elective.

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