Applied Computer Science

Faculty of Electrical Engineering offers the following programmes conducted in English:

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

4-year undergraduate programme in the area of Electrical Engineering

The area of study encompasses electrical materials technology, electrical measurements, circuits and systems, electromagnetic field, electrical machines, electrical power engineering, converter drives control, high voltage technology and IT. The programme embraces a great variety of subjects.

Study programme: Electrical engineering study programme – full-time, bachelor

Two specialisations are currently offered:

  • Control and Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Power Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering

1,5-year graduate programme in the area of Electrical Engineering

The programme requires coursework and thesis preparation.


Graduates from this programme will acquire the comprehensive qualifications and basic knowledge in the area of: power system (planning, optimisation and control), electrical power quality, electromagnetic compatibility, electromechanical drive systems, electrical traction, measurement systems (hardware and software), intelligent electrical installations and IT (artificial intelligence in power engineering,  computational methods and algorithms, microprocessor engineering).

Depending on the final profiling, graduates will be well-prepared to work in local and international design offices, research and scientific institutions, universities, factories (supervision and production management in the field of electrical equipment and devices), power plants and  electrical networks.

Study programme: Electrical engineering study programme – full-time, masters

Sample modules/Keywords

Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Electromagnetic Fields, Electrical Materials Technology, CAD Methods, Circuits and Systems, Electrical Machines, Power Engineering, High Voltage Technology, Electrical Measurements, Microprocessor Engineering, Converter Drives Control, Electrical Traction, Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems, Power Supply, Electrical Safety, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, Intelligent Control for Energy Conversion, Database Management.Entry requirements:

Appropriate English B2 certificate

B.Sc. candidates:

– secondary school leaving certificate with good results in Mathematics and Physics
– Online Placement Tests in Mathematics and English

M.Sc. candidates: B.Sc. diploma in a similar field of study

More information and enrollment process

for candidates interested in full time studies you’ll find under the following links:

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