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The authorities of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology consider practical training as very important and support any cooperation with external industry stakeholders – future employers of our students. Important form of such cooperation are a few weeks practical student internships, during which students do the tasks given by the company. This allows students to be introduced to practical problems that they will meet in their future work.

The host institution of students internship uses the hard work and the latest knowledge of students to solve specific, current tasks. The results of some internships may become topics of student BSc and MSc or long-term internships. As a result of direct contact with potential candidates it is easier for companies to accurately recruit new employees. We invite employers take part in planing and developing  the Faculty educational process, to better adapt it to your needs.

In order to develop the relationship between the host institutions for training students and internships, and students and graduates looking for a prospective employer, on the website of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in section “Practice, jobs” are published offers of employment, internships and apprenticeships ( They include the description of requirements and make possible to precisely select an apprentice to the needs of the enterprise. Offers are presented in order of application.

Registered offer is available to all students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. Daily logins to the faculty internet system reaches several thousands of accesses. Such high numbers allow to reach many interested in a specific form of cooperation.

In summary – Department authorities are open to various forms of cooperation and would like to invite all interested her.

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