IT services

IT services for staff and students of the faculty include:

  • e-mail account,
  • virtual faculty office (current advances in science, declarations of objects, electronic service applications and documents, communication with teachers, electronic statements from classes, access to teaching materials, individual schedules, etc.),
  • wireless WI-FI,
  • faculty access to the network via VPN (access to specific services within the department, a comprehensive set of electronic scientific publications in international scientific journals, etc.), shell accounts allowing them to work remotely on projects and tasks performed in the course,
  • software, which includes among other things
    • MATLAB,
    • MSDN AA – Academy Program,
    • and many more…

Software available to students and staff

Information about the software made available by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering students and faculty can be found at:


The mail server dedicated to staff of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is available under the link:

Students are using central Warsaw University of Technology email account. The information about the setup and regulations is available under the link: Zasady korzystania z konta e-mail – studenci.

Wireless WI-FI

imagesAll of the buildings are covered by the Faculty of Electrical Wi-Fi network. Wi-FI is managed by the IT Center of Warsaw University of Technology. Detailed rules for the use of the network can be found at: Sieć bezprzewodowa PW zarządzana przez COI .

In order to have access to the network a student must have a current registration status, which should synchonized to the central student records system by the Deans Office employees. This is usually done at the end of the first month of the semester.

The remote access (VPN) connection to the network of Faculty of Electrical


At the beginning of the academic year 2011/2012 was launched a new remote access to the faculty network (VPN).

Automatic detection of the operating system and valid installation files is performed on
Authentication and authorization of users is based on the login and password to your faculty account (webmail, ISOD, etc.).

Detailed instruction is in the document:

For support and maintenance of the VPN please contact: Romuald Gryka (, Grzegorz Świątek (


With the beginning of April 2016, WUT Center for Information Technology started distribution of academic Matlab license – Matlab Total Academic Headcount for the Warsaw University of Technology.

It is the first Polish implementation of this this type of license which is available to all academic staff and students – including the right to license installation on private computers of staff and students.

The TAH license includes all basic modules (Matlab, Simulink, and 16 modules) and 36 expansion modules.

To install Matlab on faculty computer under the faculty’s license you should follow the steps:

  • register on the software vendors’s website,
  • join the faculty license, giving an e-mail address of the faculty’s domain and provide the license number in a file license.dat,
  • download the installation files from the vendor’s site:,
  • proceed with the installation according to the manufacturer instructions.

More information and detailed installation instructions are in the faculty news massage which is available after logging into the system ISOD:

Microsoft IT Academy Program – MSDN AA

Information about the academic program MSDN Academic Alliance are in a special service: Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

Link to currently avaialble Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching sevice requiring authorization:

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