Open lecture Citi Service Center Poland “IT failures in financial institutions”

On April 17, 2019, as part of the cooperation of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering with Citi Service Center Poland (CSC Poland), we invite you to the Open Lecture of CSC Poland expert Wojciech Dajewski. The lecture will take place at 14:15 in room 226 of the Warsaw University of Technology Main Building.

Subject: IT failures – Minimization of risk, implementation of systems with high stability, management of major IT failures

Description: Introduction to the design and management of critical IT environments in financial institutions. Designing systems resistant to various failures, implementing procedures related to maintaining the work of critical IT environments. Introduction to the concept of distributed and redundant environments. A concept description of cluster environments.

Lecturer: Wojciech Dajewski – Infrastructure Manager at Citi Service Center Poland.

About the lecturer: Molecular biologist by the University of Warsaw with several years of experience at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He has over 20 years of experience in managing and maintaining IT platforms (operating systems, networks). For 15 years he has been working at Citi, initially as a UNIX system administrator, then as head of the Citi system support office related to various stock exchanges (securities, FX, commodities – material exchanges, etc.). The office supports various Citi trading platforms on a daily basis (part operating on UNIXes – Linux, AIX, Solaris), several thousand machines, various technologies and solutions. In addition, he is the supervisor and mentor of Citi’s development programs for ‘graduates’ in technology and responsible for rotations in support teams (UNIX, Windows, Databases, Networks, etc.).

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology cooperates with the global IT support center Citi Service Center Poland, within which  lectures of Citi experts who share practical knowledge with our students presenting real cases from production practice are organized. The Faculty also directs students to internship programs provided by Citi Service Center Poland.


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