Post-doctoral stay of Dr Hamed Bizhani at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, WUT

Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology hosts Dr Hamed Bizhani from Masshad, Iran. Dr Bizhani will be employed for 2-years as post-doc in the project funded by Warsaw University of Technology within the Excellence Initiative: Research University (IDUB) programme.

The research objective of the post-doctoral stay is an analysis of hybrid energy storage system (HESS) composed with Li-Ion battery and supercapacitor bank aiming improvement of local power grid stability. The detailed goals are:

  • Selection of HESS parameters to increase local network stability during disturbances.
  • Elaboration of effective control strategy increasing the dynamic response in terms of oscillations made with variable conditions of RES generation and over-regulations made by dynamic load changes.
  • Analysis of multiport power converter and an electronic interface for energy storage system, with reduced number of switched devices.
  • Optimization of the modulation structure in terms of reduction of conduction and switching losses.
  • Local network stability analysis considering an influence of constant power, constant current and constant impedance load.

The scientific activity of dr Bizhani in WUT is undertaken under the supervision of dr hab. Grzegorz Iwanski, from the Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics.


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