Wind generator for renewable energy micro-installations

From November 2019 to September 2020, research and development work on the construction of a wind generator for OPENPOWER Sp. z o.o. was conducted in Electrical Power Engineering Institute.

The work, headed by Ph.D. Tadeusz Daszczyński, was done by team consisting of Ph.D. Jan Szczypior and MSc. Rafał Jakubowski.

Research and development works included:

  • Analysis of several variants of the stator structure, justification for the selection of one variant of the stator structure;
  • Performing the analysis of several variants of the rotor structure with nested and surface magnets, justification for the selection of one variant of the rotor structure;
  • Performing design calculations on the basis of a circumferential model of several machine variants with different number of pole pairs, different number of slots and several efficiency values – selection of the number of stator slots, number of poles and efficiency values;
  • Performing a series of design calculations based on the field model of the machine – determining the shape of the stator teeth and the shape of the rotor magnets;
  • Final design of the stator winding determining the number of turns, the number of parallel conductors and the standard diameter of the conductor;
  • Development of technical documentation of individual details of the generator and auxiliary equipment;
  • Development of technological documentation – a detailed description of the method of making individual parts: stator core, rotor core, mounting magnets in the rotor of elements and the complete stator winding;
  • Agreeing the details of individual parts with the contractor, supervising the implementation of the elements and the complete prototype of the machine;
  • Performing the prototype tests, confronting the assumed and measured values of operating parameters.

The result of the work is a generator prototype based on a three-phase, synchronous electric machine with magnetoelectric excitation with operating parameters: power – 2 kW, rotational speed – 375 rpm, effective line voltage 60 V.


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