Google Summer of Code is over – our student Kamil Czekirda succesfully finshed a project on maintenance-free instalation of the FreeBSD system

certYet another student of our faculty Kamil Czekirda positively completed the Google Summer of Code. In one of the previous editions successfully participated also other our student Mariusz Zaborski. Google Summer of Code is a form of paid internships organized by Google. This year, in the tenth edition about 1307 students (including 40 people from Polish) took part in the development of free software. One of them was Kamil Czekirda, masters degree student in Computer Science and at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. He worked under the supervision of Devin Teske and developed a maintenance-free installer for FreeBSD operating system.

He was granted a scholarship of the amount of $ 5,500 for three months long project work. Additionally as a participant he gained valuable experience of working on real, large project.

Kamil in recent days also had the opportunity to participate in the conference EuroBSDcon that was held in the capital of Bulgaria. The conference gathered developers and supporters BSD systems from around the world. Kamil was also invited to attend the meeting of FreeBSD developers, where you can learn how is functioning the open source community from the inside.

It’s an amazing experience and a great adventure,” says Kamil, I had the opportunity to meet and get to know many people who have made a significant contribution to the development of BSD systems, including personalities like Marshall Kirk McKusick and Eric Allman, Berkeley, and Andrew Tanenbaum, the creator of MINIX, which was the inspiration for the well-known to everyone Linux

We sincerely congratulate and encourage all computer science students to participate in future editions of the Google Summer of Code.


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