Bidirectional multilevel AC-DC converter rated at 20 kVA

4️⃣ The main objective of the task named “Bidirectional multilevel AC-DC converter rated at 20 kVA” is to perform #research towards a highly efficient multilevel AC-DC #converter designed with SiC power devices including multilevel submodule structure. The investigated converter will be an input stage of the charging infrastructure connecting the three-phase grid with three-wire DC link. As the system is expected to be fully active in different modes, the bidirectional operation up to nominal power (20 kVA) is anticipated. Moreover, the task aims to obtain high efficiency operation (>98% at rated power) without sacrificing the high quality of the input current (THD < 5%).

Secondary objectives: 🧾

👁‍🗨 To #identify the topology of a multilevel AC/DC converter that enables bidirectional power flow between grid and DC link

✍ To identify #design and operating electrical and thermal parameters in terms of voltage, current and temperature.

🦾 To design and experimentally #test the prototype of the 20 kVA AC-DC converter

📫 To #deliver design and operating guidelines for integration of the multilevel AC-DC converter with the charging infrastructure.

📚 To offer career enhancement for the post-doc researchers and high-quality research training to PhD students at Politechnika Warszawska

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