The leader of the consortium is Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska), specifically, the research group from the Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics (Wydział Elektryczny Politechniki Warszawskiej) led by prof. Jacek Rabkowski.

WUT is the biggest technical university in Poland with great number of scientific activities, recently become one of ten research-oriented universities in the country. The institute is leading research unit in terms of power electronics in Poland and is recognized as one of important centres in Europe, just to mention recently organized in Warsaw EPE-ECCE 2017 – a main European conference in the area of power electronics and drives (prof. Rąbkowski served as a chairman)

The research group of prof. Rąbkowski is focused on Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride #powerelectronics (SiC & GaN forums). Next to NSC projects, this group has performed SiC-oriented industrial projects with HUETTINGER Electronic Sp. z o. o.MEDCOM Sp. z o.o. and also MoReSiC partner – Markel sp. z o.o. providing support in application of new power #semiconductor technologies.

The Department of Electric Power Engineering at the Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU) will be the #Norwegian partner in the MoReSiC – Project consortium. It is among the international leaders for #teaching and #research within its field. Strong-point areas include energy technology, energy consumption and energy planning.

From the department of Electric Power Engineering, the #PowerElectronics Systems and Components research group will be involved in the MoReSiC project and in particular Associate Professor Dimosthenis Peftitsis, who will be the NTNU project manager. The focus of his research is on medium-voltage power electronics technologies and medium voltage grid components (i.e. DC breakers), SiC-based #powerconverters for high-efficiency operation, reliability assessment and lifetime modelling of high-power Silicon and SiC #semiconductors.

Among these focal areas, modularized DC/DC converter design, optimization and testing for medium-voltage direct current (MVDC) distribution grids is a prioritized activity within the group. It is envisaged that this activity will be further enhanced through the MoReSiC project.

Design team and production department of the Markel company led by Radosław Sobieski (Head of Research and Development Department and PhD student at the Politechnika Warszawska) will implement SiC-based Power Electronic Building Block and Non-isolated DC-DC converter for #batterystorage in the MoReSiC – Project . In addition, industrial experience of Markel company will allow supporting other consortium members in implementing of all project stages.

Markel Sp. z o.o is an #engineering company working in field of #powerelectronics#electricalengineering and #controlsystems. The company’s activities focus primarily on the traction, mining, automotive, #renewableenergy and energy storage markets. The dynamically operating R&D department undertakes to solve difficult technical problems even at a small target production scale. Due to the business contacts of Markel, the company as one of the first in the world had the opportunity to test and apply high-voltage silicon carbide MOSFETs modules.

Today the company employs 50 people. On account of international agreements concluded with cooperators and the willingness of the development our activity is not limited only to the domestic market, but we cooperate with customers from countries such as UK, Japan, Canada or Germany.