Integration & experiments on the complete EV charging system

6️⃣ The main objective of the task named “Integration & experiments on the complete EV charging system“ is to integrate and perform complete series #experiments on the developed charging system up to the nominal power of 40 kW, as well as to #test and #verify the assumed efficiency and power quality factors (grid current THD).

As a final stage of the project, this task will be conducted together by Markel and Politechnika Warszawska teams using facilities of the university and, when necessary, the company resources. The #PhDstudent from Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU) is also expected to be involved in this research moving to Warsaw for 9 months to support performed tasks and gain experience from direct co-operation with researchers from Politechnika Warszawska and #industry professionals from Markel.

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