Non-isolated DC-DC converter for the energy storage

5️⃣ The main objective of the task named “Non-isolated DC-DC converter for the energy storage” is to deliver a 20 kW #bidirectional non-isolated DC/DC converter employing #SiCMOSFETs interfacing a DC-link (+750/0/-750V) and #energystorage, capable of achieving #efficiency at rated power as high as 9️⃣8️⃣% and providing an additional function of balancing the voltage levels of the DC bus capacitors.

At the completion of this task, the following secondary objectives shall be accomplished:

📐 To select a non-isolated DC/DC converter #topology and design the model that enables operation in between three-wire DC link and the battery storage

🌡 To identify design and operating #electrical and #thermal parameters in terms of voltage, current and temperature.

⚖ To develop a control strategy that offers voltage #balancing and operation at maximum efficiency in all operation modes of the EV charging system

🔧 To design and experimentally #test the 20 kW rated three-level DC/DC converter

👨‍🏫 To offer the opportunity to strengthen co-operation between industry professionals from Markel and researchers from Politechnika Warszawska, especially gain in experiences of #PhDstudents will be significant

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