Development of the power flow controller

New Year 2021 arrives 🎆, so we are accelerating the work in MoReSiC – Project! Now we would give you a little taste of the task which include development of the power flow controller.

The main objective of this task is to analyze all possible operation modes and develop the power flow control algorithm taking into account requested power from connected vehicles, state of the energy storage and performance of the power converters (estimated power losses), and finally design the digital control system and implement the algorithm.

📶 To effectively manage the power flow appropriate #communication interface, ensuring low latency and high reliability, will be analyzed and implemented. External communication for remote monitoring and control will also be provided.

🔄 Another important task is to elaborate #controlalgorithm to stabilize voltages in three wire DC distribution bus in different operating modes, especially in transient states.

☑ Furthermore, after full capability of the controller in all power modes will be achieved the #digitalcontrolsystem will be designed.

✅ Finally, the last part will consider implementing the developed algorithm into the designed control system so it is ready for #hardwaretesting.

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