Popularity Ranking of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Warsaw University of Technology among candidates

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to report the results ranked by the Bulletin of Warsaw University of Technology, announced on http://www.biuletyn.pw.edu.pl/Wydarzenia/Rekrutacyjnalistthe hitUniversityWarsaw with additional information received in the Bureau of Recruitment about the admission to studies. The information is realted to the declarations made by candidates which are kind of a measure of popularityof faculty teaching offer.

Among the ten most popular specializations the Electrical Engineering was ranked at  eighth place in Computer Science. Success is spectacular, ahead of the specializations suggested by other faculties like Electronics and MiNI! Our IT obtained ratio LA / LM equal to 14.24 (where LA – this is the total number of applications from all 5 options to choose, LM limit of places on the specialization).

Another specialization Automatics and Robotics can be proud of the result of 10.55 and a high position 17, in the midst of all faculties offered by our University. (The specilization of electrical engineering – is reported only by our faculty).

Congratulations on the high notes, I also hope that the information will be encouraging high school students to enroll at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the future.

Wojciech Urbanski
Associate Dean

Dean EC PM August 25, 2014.

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